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The Life of Simon Peter
Posted by June Farrington on

Jesus called to Simon Peter Along the banks of Galilee Drop your nets and I will teach you Just come and follow mePeter left his nets behind him Followed Jesus through the land Listening- watching- learning Seeking- to fully understandHe learned to love his Master Faithfully trusting in His...

The worst advice I've given today
Posted by Andy Voelker on

  Considering it is only 7:38am as I begin to write, it is hard to believe that I have already handed out some bad advice. Unfortunately, it is true! On Thursday mornings I meet with a few friends for breakfast and fellowship. At the end of our time today, we shook hands and...

I Surrender all
Posted by Andy Voelker on

As I read through my devotion this morning I was struck by the simple nature of the short devotion and at the same time the huge challenge within the few short sentences. Author, E. M. Bounds titled this devotion “Wholeness Through Prayer.” The simple message was that the...

Back to the Future
Posted by Andy Voelker on

Joy is not the same as happiness. Happiness is liking the present moment because it pleases us. But joy is much deeper and more long-range. Joy appreciates the past, the present, and the future, not because the circumstances are pleasing, but because the heart is right with God.

Posted by Andy Voelker on

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, rain is a normal part of your life. This is why people joke that the Washington  state motto is: “Rain? What rain?” and why people claim: "We don't tan in the northwest, we rust!"  The past several months have been some of the wettest...

A Church Is Born
Posted by Andy Voelker on

  Donald Barnhouse tells the story of driving with a friend and being asked to share the details of his favorite symphony. He thought to himself, "How silly it would be to try and convey the beauty and complexity of Brahms though mere words or by whistling as I...

Posted by Barbara Alexander on

 Does your soul thirst for God when a new day comes,     Yet deep darkness and fear prevail?Ask that He send His Great Light to guide you;     He wondrously will not fail. Have the problems of life been too heavy to bear,     Your...

An Old Fashioned Christmas
Posted by June Farrington on

  I'd like an 'Old fashioned Christmas", you hear many people sayI'd like to have it happen this very Christmas day I'd like to meet 'Ol Santa with his beard so snowy whiteand see the gifts he brings me in the middle of the night And watch him as he leaves my home and swiftly flies...

Christmas Wish
Posted by June Farrington on

'Twas the night before Christmasthe house was all darkThe grandkids slept soundlyfrom play in the park I'd just settled down fora long peaceful nightSnuggled up tightlyand turned off the light When out in the kitchenI heard such a splatterI sprang to my feet to seewhat was the...

Christmas Celebration
Posted by June Farrington on

 This season we will celebrate the birth of God's dear SonHow wonderful it would have been to know this little One I would like to pick Him up hold Him in my armsTouch His little fingers and behold His baby charms Perhaps I may have faintly heard the song the angels singBearing news of...