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The Life of Simon Peter

Posted by June Farrington on

Jesus called to Simon Peter 
Along the banks of Galilee
Drop your nets and I will teach you
Just come and follow me

Peter left his nets behind him
Followed Jesus through the land
Listening- watching- learning
Seeking- to fully understand

He learned to love his Master
Faithfully trusting in His word
Walking in His footsteps
Observing all he saw and heard

He learned his Heavenly Father
Is forgiving- loving- kind
Changing lives forever
Only seek and they shall find “

Peter- now My time has come
Soon I will leave- you’ll see
You wait outside the garden
And pray along with Me”

Jesus prayed to his Heavenly Father
"Not My will but Thine be done"
His Father said, "I'm sorry
That I had to send My Son."

Jesus said, “Peter, do you love me”
Peter said, “I love you Lord
I’ll live for You and die for You
Serve You whom I adored”

"But Peter you'll deny me
Thrice before the rooster crows
You'll hide along the wayside
And believe nobody knows

They'll say you walked with Jesus
You'll say I know Him not
Your faith won't be enough to bear
The horror of their plot"

The soldiers marched into the garden
Where they took His Lord away
Peter cautiously followed Jesus
Denied his Lord that very day

When he heard the rooster crowing
In the early morning light
He knew that he had shunned his Lord
He wept with all his might

He beheld his Lord and Master
When they nailed Him to the cross
He felt within his heart and soul
A deep remorseful loss

Peter entered in the upper room
He heard his Master say
“I’ll send my Holy Spirit
To guide you on your way"

“Now Peter I must leave you
My people you must teach
Throughout this land you’ll travel
As far as you can reach

Times will not be easy
You’ll suffer in My name
Keep on telling all who’ll listen
Of My wonders just the same

He followed Jesus up the mountain
Beheld the splendor in the skies
The magnificent form of Jesus
Transformed before his eyes

His face shone brightly as the sun
His clothes as white as light
He was terrified to look upon
This wonderful-Holy sight

The voice of God rang out of Heaven 
“This is My beloved Son
Follow Him, obey Him
I am pleased with what He’s done”

He went forth to preach the Gospel
Proclaim the news to every nation
Told how Christ died and rose again
He paid the debt for our salvation

He taught of Jesus sacrifice
Of God's unrelenting grace
The hope we have through faith in Him
When we humbly seek His face

He taught the many virtues
Of the Christ whom he adored
To be compassionate and loving
To live in one accord

Although he suffered persecution
Ridicule and strife
He chose to serve his Master
Throughout his mortal life

He gave his life for Jesus
His battle now was won
He left to see his precious Lord
And hear Him say, "Well done"

Written by June Eleanor Farrington


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