Meet the Pastors


I grew up attending church with my family in southern Indiana and you might summarize the first 27 years of my life by saying that I knew about God, but I did not know God. I married my sweetheart, Laura, at 21 and few years later when she asked me to go to church with her I told her that "I felt closest to God when I worked outside and as long as I have two strong arms, I'm going to work on Sundays."

Well, as you might imagine, it is not a good idea to make statements like that! Just a few short weeks later I fell from a high scaffolding and severely broke both arms. It took several long months of feeling sorry for myself and nearly wrecking my marriage before I remembered those words, went to church with Laura and gave my life to Christ. God changed my heart and called me to a life of service.

In 2015 God called us (Laura, our youngest daughter Bethany and myself) to serve here at Christian Life Center. When I think of what a church should be, my first thoughts are of Christian Life Center, a church that loves God and loves people. The Bible says that the mark of a believer is love and this will be how we are known. This is what we have found here on Whidbey Island and it is a great honor to serve  a church that is loving, open, safe and committed to the Truth without compromise. 

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