Student Ministry



This is where you belong!

At Christian Life Community Church, our StudentLife ministry is dedicated to empowering and equipping teens to live fully and abundantly in Christ.  With a focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive community, we seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can explore their faith, grow spiritually, and develop strong biblical foundations.  Through engaging and relevant teaching, vibrant worship experiences, and intentional discipleship, our goal is to equip students with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges they face in today's world, empowering them to live out their faith boldly and authentically.

We are committed to fostering meaningful relationships among students, leaders, and mentors, encouraging accountability and support as students journey together in their faith.  Serving as a catalyst for spiritual growth, our student ministry also aims to inspire and mobilize students to be active participants in sharing the Gospel, both within our local community and beyond.  Ultimately, our mission is to empower students to become life-long followers of Jesus, who actively impact and transform their communities and the world around them with the love and grace of Christ.

 We partner with South Whidbey Island Young Life (high school) and Wyldlife (middle school).   During the school year, Young Life meets on Monday nights and Wyldlife meets on Friday nights for crazy, ton of fun and hearing about Jesus Christ. Find out about local club meetings and events or Facebook @South Whidbey YoungLife or Facebook @ South Whidbey Wyldlife.