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The Life of Simon Peter
Posted by June Farrington on

Jesus called to Simon Peter Along the banks of Galilee Drop your nets and I will teach you Just come and follow mePeter left his nets behind him Followed Jesus through the land Listening- watching- learning Seeking- to fully understandHe learned to love his Master Faithfully trusting in His...

An Old Fashioned Christmas
Posted by June Farrington on

  I'd like an 'Old fashioned Christmas", you hear many people sayI'd like to have it happen this very Christmas day I'd like to meet 'Ol Santa with his beard so snowy whiteand see the gifts he brings me in the middle of the night And watch him as he leaves my home and swiftly flies...

Christmas Wish
Posted by June Farrington on

'Twas the night before Christmasthe house was all darkThe grandkids slept soundlyfrom play in the park I'd just settled down fora long peaceful nightSnuggled up tightlyand turned off the light When out in the kitchenI heard such a splatterI sprang to my feet to seewhat was the...

Christmas Celebration
Posted by June Farrington on

 This season we will celebrate the birth of God's dear SonHow wonderful it would have been to know this little One I would like to pick Him up hold Him in my armsTouch His little fingers and behold His baby charms Perhaps I may have faintly heard the song the angels singBearing news of...