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Christmas Wish

Posted by June Farrington on

'Twas the night before Christmas
the house was all dark
The grandkids slept soundly
from play in the park

I'd just settled down for
a long peaceful night
Snuggled up tightly
and turned off the light

When out in the kitchen
I heard such a splatter
I sprang to my feet to see
what was the matter

Through open the door fell
flat on my rump
slipping and sliding
I could hardly get up

Whatever had happened
I had not a clue
I crept to the bedroom to
find out just who

Down on his knees
beside his bed
A little boy knelt and I
heard what he said

Dear God I am sorry I
made such a mess
It was all my fault
I do confess

Oh! Oh! God, did You
hear that thud
My name now is
surely Mud

I know that I've been
very bad
but please, oh God, don't
let grandpa be mad

My tummy was growling
I just wanted a drink
But the milk was so high it
fell off the sink

I'll help my grandpa
clean up the floor
and save my pennies to
buy him more

I have only one Christmas
wish this year
I'll whisper it low so only
You can hear

I picked up my boy and
hugged him tight
Tucked him in bed and
said goodnight

When morning came
he set up in bed
And again I listened and
heard what he said

Good morning, God, what
a beautiful day
Christmas is here I've just one thing to say

Thank you for granting my
wish, You see
Grandpa said that he
still loves me


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