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Christmas Celebration

Posted by June Farrington on

 This season we will celebrate
the birth of God's dear Son
How wonderful it would have been
to know this little One

I would like to pick Him up
hold Him in my arms
Touch His little fingers and
behold His baby charms

Perhaps I may have faintly
heard the song the angels sing
Bearing news of blessed Jesus
our Savior and our King

The star that led the Wise Men
glowed brightly in the sky
Showing them the Manger
where their precious Savior lie

They knelt beside this little One
laid rich gifts down as they came
Thanked their Heavenly  Father
praised His Holy Name

Mary hid her motherly pride
and never said a word
She pondered deep within her
heart all she saw and heard

I didn't see the baby didn't hold
Him close or hear Him cry
Yet I can hold Him in my heart
and serve Him 'till I die

So now we celebrate His birth
lay rich gifts down at His feet
Sing praises to our Master
'till at Heaven's gate we meet

Let us sing with the Heavenly
angels as they celebrate His birth
Glory to God in the highest
Peace, good will on earth



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