Oct 23, 2016 | Andy Voelker

United In Christ

I’m sure you have noticed that there is a great deal of disunity in the world today. Since 9/11, we have been so polarized from different groups that we are now experiencing both global and domestic isolation. The upcoming election reminds us of how politically polarized we are and the evening news is anything but a picture of cultural unity. Worse yet, the home and the church are no better than the world. Forty percent of children will go to sleep tonight without a father around. The divorce rate for couples is up to 56% with almost no difference in the church. But instead of bemoaning these tragic realities, we must welcome the challenge of uniting as brothers and sisters in Christ. In Philippians 2:1–4, Paul uses an “if-then” logical argument. He says: “If certain things are true, then we are obligated to do certain things.” So in these few short verses you will come to understand why you should be unified with other Christians and how to fulfill this great goal.

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