Dec 09, 2018 | Andy Voelker

The Woman at the Well

In our Christmas preaching series, we are looking at people in the gospel who had encounters with Christ Jesus. Encounters, which caused them to reconsider the things they were counting on to bring them purpose, security and joy in life. Last week, we met Nicodemus, a religious insider who was counting on his religious pedigree and lifestyle. Today we meet a Samaritan woman, a social outcast who ​was living the life of a servant and ​desperately hoped the love of a man would fulfill her deepest needs. After encountering Jesus, they both realized they were counting on the wrong things.

In this series, our goal is to have an encounter with Christ Jesus and discover what it is that we are counting on for purpose, security and joy. If we are counting on anything other than the truth of Christ, we must change our direction.

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Join us in the 2017 Advent Season as we look for encounters in the gospel which caused people to consider that Jesus truly was God.