Jan 26, 2020 | Andy Voelker

The Temptation of Jesus

All of us face temptations at one time or another. Jesus, when He was on the earth was not exempt from facing similar trials and temptations. The most famous of Jesus’ trials is the one found in Luke 4 where Jesus was tempted by the devil. Although most of us will not rank the personal attention of Satan, we can learn how to face our temptations by following Christ’s example. What gave Christ the victory then, will help us succeed today.

The key to facing a temptation is not running from it, ignoring it, or giving in to it. It is to rely on God for strength and leaning on His wisdom, his word. That is why it is so important to daily read and study God’s Word. You never kn​​ow what trials and temptations you will face today.

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