Jun 16, 2019

The Miracle of Justification

Is it worth becoming a Christians? "When you become a Christian, your whole life gets better.” Maybe you’ve heard that one before, BUT…then life still brings suffering, disaster, and tragedy—not to mention all the other little trials. You may hear someone ask, “Is it worth following Jesus?” Paul clearly show us in Romans 5 that life with Christ also means we’ll continue living through hardships until the resurrection. Even Christians who have the greatest amount of faith experience challenges. More faith does not bring more riches, just ask the rich man (Mark 10:17). The gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t bring an exemption to hardship, instead it brings the promise from Matthew 28:18–20 that God will go with And so the answer to the question, “Is it worth following Jesus?” For this reason, the answer is always one hundred percent, “yes!”

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The theme of the Book of Romans is the gospel: the good news that God declares sinners to be righteous when they trust in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on their behalf.