Nov 04, 2018 | Andy Voelker

The Beginning of the End

Esther 5

Today in Esther 5, things begin to unravel for wicked Haman. It is true that his wickedness is not exposed yet, but his pride and his anger speed him on the path of destruction. Seeking greatness is unbecoming—foolish. Getting greatness by manipulation is something Haman would do, but Mordecai served and trusted God, who gave him honor as well as great responsibility, in which he served faithfully. Contrary to the ways of the world, an honest sense of unworthiness and a will to serve others rather than ourselves appear to be requirements for good and faithful servants of the King.

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For some of us, we find the book of Esther to be a little out of place. For there is no mention of God; there is no mention of faith or worship; there seems to be nothing that makes this a religious text at all. Except, there is the invisible and invincible God of the universe working sovereignly to order every word and every action.