Oct 07, 2018 | Andy Voelker

Queen of Hearts

Esther 2

In chapter one of Esther we met King Xerxes, who wanted all to know that he was the most powerful king in the world. He threw a party that lasted six months and a week, the purpose of this party was to display his great wealth and power. Ironically the party ends up showing the world that he couldn’t even rule his own home. The chapter ends with Xerxes banning his queen from ever entering his presence again.

Today in Esther chapter two, we will discover how God uses these events to move Esther from her humble home to the palace and the position of queen of Persia. The fact that God placed Esther in a position, so she could deliver her people—even before they were in danger—shows His far-reaching providence at work for His chosen people.

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For some of us, we find the book of Esther to be a little out of place. For there is no mention of God; there is no mention of faith or worship; there seems to be nothing that makes this a religious text at all. Except, there is the invisible and invincible God of the universe working sovereignly to order every word and every action.