Oct 27, 2019 | Andy Voelker

Of Love and Liberty

“One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only.” Romans 14:2

In the church, there are always two viewpoints. A broad viewpoint that says it is perfectly alright to do this or that, and a narrower viewpoint that says it is wrong to do this or that. Should you drink wine and beer; should you go to the movies; should you dance; what about work on Sunday? There are areas in Scripture that are not debatable at all. It is always wrong to be drunk. It is wrong to commit adultery. But there are other areas that are left open. There is an area, in other words, where God wants to leave it up to the individual as to what he or she does. He expects it to be based upon a deep conviction of that individual, based on Scripture.

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The theme of the Book of Romans is the gospel: the good news that God declares sinners to be righteous when they trust in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on their behalf.