Jun 23, 2019 | Andy Voelker

Life and Death

Romans 5:12-21, contrasts the love of God against the sin of man. The man of sin, Adam, contrasted to the God of love, Jesus. How Adam brings death while Jesus brings eternal life.

We each must make a choice to follow Adam or Jesus. Adam is synonymous with death while Jesus with life. Adam chose to disobey God. Jesus obeyed God, coming to earth, spending 33 years, preaching and teaching to a sin sick, wicked world, and ultimately dying for the sins of all mankind. The result of our allegiance to Adam is death and eternity in Hell. Allegiance to Jesus means everlasting life with Jesus in Heaven.

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The theme of the Book of Romans is the gospel: the good news that God declares sinners to be righteous when they trust in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on their behalf.