Jun 03, 2018 | Andy Voelker

Follow the Leader

As we come to Acts chapter 27, we begin to see Paul in a new way. We have learned the Apostle Paul is a godly man, a zealous servant of Jesus Christ, and a powerful preacher of the gospel. But it is here, in our text, that we see Paul as a very wise man in practical matters, a man who is a leader of men, and whose counsel is taken seriously.

What was it about Paul that made him a leader among men, even in matters pertaining to sailing and storms? What kind of leadership did Paul exercise, and how did this impact the gospel? What is the relationship between “spiritual leadership” and “secular leadership”? These are questions that we shall seek to answer in our study of Acts chapter 27.

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"When we are trusting Jesus Christ as Lord as well as Savior. He enables us to live and speak as faithful witnesses."

Paul E. Little