Sunday Service Information

Worship Service Reservation

Services Online

  • Our online services are now offered live on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook.

    10:00AM Link

    YouTube Channel "Media Christian Life"
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    Facebook Group @christianlifewhidbeyisland
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  • The  livestreams will begin at 9:00AM and 10:30AM.
  • This livestream service will continue indefinitely, even after regular unrestricted gatherings resume.

Services in Person

We want to encourage all of you who are most at risk to ask God for guidance in your decision to stay home or to attend. We will pray with and for you, we know the seriousness of this choice for all of you. For those who feel safe and desire to meet, our plan is to have services at 9:00AM and 10:30AM until unrestricted gatherings are safe and suggested. 

The applicable state requirements are:

  1. At this time we can have as many people in our worship center as we can seat in family units at least six feet apart. Considering this restriction, we can hold 50-65 people, safely distanced.

  2. Participants must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before leaving the house to attend service.

  3. Participants should enter and exit with social distancing in mind, keeping 6 feet of distance between you and those not part of your family.

  4. Hand sanitize upon entering the building. Tables with hand sanitizer bottles are on the portico.

  5. Participants must wear face coverings before, during and after the service. **

  6. Maintain “Social Distancing” of 6’ from those not part of your family throughout the service.

  7. Ushers will help to keep social distancing protocols when waiting for restrooms, women will use the restrooms in the Worship Center while men use the restrooms in the Welcome Center.

** Children under two should not wear masks because of hazards of suffocation.  The CDC and state recommend that children 3-12 wear face coverings, but it is not mandatory.

Because of the requirement for filling the service, you will need to reserve seats weekly.

  • A link to reserve family’s seats will be posted on our website each week and we kindly ask that you reserve your seats no later than Thursday. This will help us plan and secure seats for your family.

  • Seating will be set in clusters of chairs to meet your family seating needs. Each cluster will be at least six feet apart.

  • If you or a family member develop any symptoms of COVID-19 after reserving and before the service begins, please do not attend.

Our service will be for whole families. We will not be able to offer nursery or Kids Life until further notice. Children’s activity packs will be available for service. (Parents may bring items for activities, please remember headphones for iPads and phones)

We are not able to provide coffee or indoor fellowship in the Welcome Center, but we have not found any reason you could not bring your own coffee.